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The correct approach when selecting wooden or timber outdoor furniture is to know exactly what you really want.

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Lets examine the various types and functions of outdoor living and the outdoor furniture that is the most practical for that purpose.

To start with, the location of outdoor furniture is a key factor in its use.
Some areas simply need a functional table or seat whereas other areas and furniture may simply be there for aesthetic purposes. Typically outdoor garden furniture can come in a variety of forms, but not all of it needs to be in a formal garden setting.

Without going into the pros and cons associated with quality, price and materials, the functional purpose of outdoor areas and the immediate surroundings have a significant impact on the items that may be chosen.

More often than not furniture is selected to reflect other attributes of the space it is destined for.

The main thing to understand is that there is no right or wrong and more often than not it comes down to personal flavours.
I have seen a couple come to a store and argue whether the area needs something completely natural and rustic or an intricate piece of furniture. This simply illustrates that different people will see the outdoor area in different ways, and they have differing opinions on what will blend in.

So rather that providing a definitive answer, I think that the best advice we can give, is to give a series of questions that may help tease out the issues that are relevant for you.

Do you want the furniture to stand out and be a focal point or do you want it to blend in?

What size and capacity do you need for the immediate family and what are the requirements when you have larger gatherings?

What maintenance issues are associated with the various choices?

What is in the immediate vicinity that may influence the design, choice or colour?

Is it likely to be a permanent fixture or does it have to be a movable object?

And there are probable a lot more questions that need to be thought through before you venture into the realms of buying an item. Too often outdoor furniture is poorly selected because the initial groundwork was lacking.

Speak to the timber outdoor furniture manufacturer rather than the salesman.

The other problem in selecting furniture, is that often the salesman is very good at convincing you of what you need rather than admitting they simply don’t have something like what you really want.

So where doe all this leave you??

Hopefully the answer is : a bit more confused but much clearer on the process you should be taking.

In our range of wooden outdoor furniture we cater for ‘chunky’ furniture. No IKEA stuff, no thin laminates or fine planks – just natural solid sections.

If you like the look of solid timber sections then you most likely will enjoy our products and if you are looking for the ornate and intricate fine furniture products we may not be your cup of tea..

Our timber outdoor furniture is only available is a few species of timber that are proven to be suitable for the outdoors. We have a range of finishes from complete rustic recycled railway sleepers right through to dressed and varnished hardwoods which can bring out the beauty of the underlying timber grain in all its splendour.

But one of the most valuable features that we provide is that all out furniture is locally made to the clients needs. That often means that we ask all the above questions one more time to hone in exactly what you want.

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